Acoustic screens / baffles

Acoustic screens / baffles, which help reduce the level of noise reaching to the ears of the musician by several dozen percent. Undoubtedly, it raises work comfort and eliminates excessive fatigue. These materials are available in different sizes.

Dimensions of standard models

  • width of the soundproof board: 66cm,
  • height of the soundproof board: 47cm,
  • tripod height: 125cm,
  • maximum height of the product: 145cm.

Tripod specification:

  • the basic colour is matte black. This colour is devoid of any kind of reflective properties that can seriously impede work in the Orchestrion and on stage. Illuminations caused by reflecting light of reflectors are tiring and definitely distracting not only to the musician when playing / reading notes, but also for the audience,
  • the tripod has a telescopic design that allows you to not only adjust the height of the product to the needs of a potential user, but it is also of great convenience in the case of storage with limited space or the need to transport screens for outdoor events since the fully folded tripod has a dimension of just over 60cm ,
  • the whole structure is based on a collapsible tripod finished with rubber tips at the end (to avoid scratching surfaces), which provides stability to the screens, and unlike permanent structures (e.g. welded) significantly improves mobility, which was mentioned in the preceding paragraph,
  • give the musician the most optimal adjustment of the screen position; our products are adjustable at four levels (height, width across the tripod, the extension of the telescope, the slope of the disc left-right, up-down).

Specification of the soundproof board:

The basic size is 66x47cm, bent edges- 45 degrees (this is the most optimal solution for musicians to be dissociated from each other, as such not refracting light), the plate thickness is 6mm-this allows for adequate and effective quieting, but not deafening neighbouring people, the board is transparent, because any other colour would cause semi-darkness, which in the case of using screens in the orchestrion, where the amount of light is already limited is unacceptable.

Orchestral chairs for the musicians

Orchestral chairs for the musicians; seat and backrest calculated for four hours of work in a sitting position, allowing for comfortable and convenient playing on an instrument. It is possible to produce the chairs according to the specifications given by the customer.

Dimensions of the standard models

  • height of the backrest: 44cm,
  • width of the backrest: 40cm,
  • dimension of the seat: 45 x 43cm,
  • maximum height of the product with the outstretched backrest: 100cm.

Specification of the frame:

  • as in the case of the acoustic covers, the colour of the frame is matte black.
  • the frame has a solid four-legged welded construction, which guarantees the chair stability.
  • to avoid scratching surfaces, our chairs are equipped with strong felt pads, which on clients’ request can be substituted with rubber, plastic or wood
  • to allow the musician adjust the sitting position to their person, the chair has height adjustable backrest, adjustable seat and backrest angle and height adjustable legs, and the whole seat height adjustment is based on a gas shock absorber. Each of the legs can be adjusted separately, which is a useful thing if you set the chairs on uneven ground- thus preventing the furniture from rocking.

Specification of seat and backrest:

  • the backrest and seat of our furniture are produced based on years of experience of our sub-contractors in the furniture-upholstery industry with high-quality foam rubber and flame resistant upholstery material; resistant to dirt, abrasion and moisture. It is also entirely reinforced from the inside with special plywood.


The offer also includes chairs for contrabass players.

Music stands for notes

Music stands for notes, massive and stable tripod made of metal, shelf for notes of wood. They have a LED backlight or standard light bulbs 24v as well as two small shelves, one with a hollow for a pencil, finished in high quality leather and brass. They are a perfect complement in equipping the orchiestron.

Dimensions of the standard models:

  • width of the shelves for notes: 55cm,
  • height of the shelves for notes: 43cm,
  • height of the tripod: 130cm,
  • maximum height of the whole product: approx. 150cm,
  • cable length: 3m

Specification of the shelves for notes:

Made of high quality wood with rounded edges, sanded, stained and painted with clear lacquer. It has two lamps equipped with LED diodes (lower power consumption than incandescent light bulbs, light same as daytime-does not strain the eyes, high durability and very low heat output) or a 24v bulb.

Specification of the tripod:

  • colour – black matte,
  • telescopic construction,
  • three-legged base
  • adjustable.

Lighting for musicians

Lighting for musicians, conductors, directors; various types of professional lamps - single or double with smooth angle and height regulation. Equipped with LED diodes or 24v bulbs. Lighting can be adapted to customers’ music stands or produced in any specification. The cost depends on the specifications of the order.

Platforms for conductors and directors

On special request we undertake the implementation of various types of orders for platforms and Music stands for a conductor (fixed or portable). The mobile platform is driven by a hydraulic or manual lift and has railings and lighting with smooth regulation of intensity finished with high-quality carpet or wood. The set consists of steps, a chair and a lectern. The price for the above-mentioned furniture is individually agreed on with each client, depending on the expectations and requirements.

Tables for directors

Professional tables for director made from wood and finished with leather or a dampening carpet, with dual lighting and pull-out shelves on both sides of the furniture. The final project is individually determined with the customer.